I had the privilege of working closely with J.R. for over two years.  Together we provided finance and accounting support to VoiceBase, Inc., one of our mutual clients, a VC-backed technology company.  He managed all accounting and tax matters.  During this period we were able to substantially upgrade the accuracy, usefulness and timeliness of the financial information.  We closed three rounds of financing and we were able to present financial information to prospective investors with confidence.  J.R. was a pleasure to work with and he knew when to involve me with decisions and when to resolve matters without me.  I look forward to working with J.R. in the future and highly recommend him.

Steve Bach, CFO, VoiceBase, Inc.


As a startup, we needed someone with not just accounting experience but also the financial expertise that is able to help guide us through the rapid pace of change that happens to a rapidly growing business. JR was not only able to help us getting our projections together in record time, he also stayed on top of every email, text and phone call with the level of responsiveness that you would only expect from someone who truly cares about his clients and is passionate about helping those who are just starting out.I would highly recommend JR’s service to anyone who needs it, but more importantly, I look forward to continuing to work with JR as our company grows in the future.

Jack Wu, CEO

We own multifamily projects and recently one of our property management companies switched their software system making it hard for them to give us accurate financials during the transition.  JR went right to work and was able to put together our correct financial statement and balance sheet.  JR is very thorough, patient, hardworking, and is great at anticipating his client’s needs.  We don’t know how we would have gotten through the issues we faced without him.  We enjoyed working with JR and highly recommend him for any multifamily bookkeeping needs.

Michael and Susan Allen

We are proud to announce that Patterson & Co. LLC was recently made part of the core management team of Regen Villages, a start-up based out Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business HSTAR unit.


One of my clients had urgent bookkeeping needs during one of the busiest times of the year – tax season.  I asked JR if he could help, and he jumped right in!  Both the client and I were very happy with JR’s work and timeliness.  JR is very professional and is a complete pleasure to work with.  I highly recommend JR for your bookkeeping needs!

Dan Faulk, CPA | Tax Partner | SingerLewak LLP

100 West San Fernando St., Suite 275, San Jose, CA  95113 | T: 408.899.3910 | F: 408.295.3925 | http://www.SingerLewak.com





This is my second time with J.R. and Patterson & Co., LLC.  In my most recent experience, J.R. proved invaluable once again.  My CFO had given me incorrect information which caused me to make a lot of incorrect business decisions.  I called J.R. who I had worked with seven years earlier and asked for his help figuring out where my business was financially.  After giving me a true picture of my company’s financial condition, I replaced my CFO with J.R. and asked him to help get my company’s finances back in shape.

He found me a new CPA to handle my company’s taxes which had also been done by the prior CFO and also straightened out my sales tax issues.  He set up a clean new set of books for my business and began reviewing my company’s key performance indicators with me on weekly basis in addition to helping me set up budgets and payroll spreadsheets. Most recently, he figured out why all of our A/R’s were negative in our Quickbooks software. He determined that the information from our catering software was imported incorrectly by accident by one of our staff people.  In three hours he had the books clean again.

I always tell J.R. that I have peace of mind for the first time in years because now I know where my business is financially.  I can call him up anytime with questions about accounting and business and he always takes my call. I can just talk business with J.R., not only accounting.

I would recommend him highly to anyone looking for a bookkeeper. He calls himself a bookkeeper, but trust me, he’s more than just a bookkeeper.

Anthony Barr, Chef
Proprietor and Owner
AGA Restaurant Group, Above and Beyond Catering

Patterson & Co. is wonderful!

I am so grateful for the patience, personal attention, flexibility, expertise and professionalism that were demonstrated during the implementation of our accounting system.

I highly recommend this company; they helped our company develop and implement an accounting program that was structured to the personal needs of our business which consists of various multi-family properties.

J.R. Patterson was especially very instrumental in the actual hands on developing and setting-up of the program.  Initially to me the thought of beginning this project was overwhelming and daunting; I was not sure where to start, but J.R. helped get me focused and organized so it did not become as horrendous of a project as I had originally anticipated.  He worked directly with our CPA to get the necessary details of our past business practices of hand writing checks, receipts, tax filing, etc. to set-up our “move into the 21st century”.  We now have all of our accounting done “live” on a very detailed & personalized computer program; it is so much more efficient and accurate than our past accounting practices.  The continued service that I receive from Patterson & Co. is impeccable; some providers of such services take your money & run, but the continued support that I have with them is indeed outstanding.  I am so excited about the results of his services I cannot thank him enough.

Linda Vieira, BA, RN
CFO, Vieira Enterprises, Inc.

My firm and I have worked with J.R. on higher level accounting systems implementations.  I have found J.R. to be professional, knowledgeable, and exceeds the clients’ expectations when it comes to giving them what they need in an accounting system.

David J. Neighbors, CPA MST
Gallina LLP, CPAs
(408) 294-1025


It’s a big step to move from one accounting software program to another. JR and his team helped me move forward quickly and cost effectively both short and long term, and provided rich feedback.  JR is and continues to be a reputable resource in the accounting field.

Kimberly Bordigioni, Corporate Controller, Food Industry

It has been my pleasure to work with J.R. and his team multiple times over the past decade.  Not only are they professional, but each person has had the highest caliber of work ethic and accuracy which met and exceeded expectations.  J.R. Helps the management team determine the actual scope of work, maps out a work flow process, and assigns the necessary resources to complete the job.  I would recommend Patterson & Co. to any business that is looking to outsource their accounting needs and I look forward to working with J.R. and his team again in the future.

Debra K.
Financial Services Industry
San Francisco, CA

J.R. has been our bookkeeper since September 2005 and we have thoroughly appreciated his attention to detail and his excellent customer service.  Because we travel quite often, we have come to trust him with running our private family office.  We know that we can ask him a question at almost anytime and he will immediately get back to us with a response.  He’s very reliable.

Along with our tax accountant, he helped guide us through an audit which we passed with flying colors.

He takes such a big burden off of us by handling all the day-to-day accounting and bookkeeping for our various investment properties.  He makes all mortgage payments on time and has never missed a payment or made one late.  He’s very organized and uses multiple checklists to manage the sixteen separate sets of books that we use.  He prepares spreadsheets that help us analyze our refinance needs and opportunities.

He’s very responsive. Whenever we need financial reports for analysis purposes, even on very short notice, he has them ready for us to review.  He has designed custom reports for us that are particular to our issues. He works very well with our tax accountant.  We trust him to continue running our operations even when we are on extended trips.

We love J.R.

Private Family
Name Withheld by Request


“As a small business owner, I was originally skeptical of working with a bookkeeper–not because I didn’t need one, but because I was hesitant to let anyone see the disarray I called my “books” at the time (let’s face it, that shoe box could not have held another receipt if I tried).  What a difference working with JR has made in both my business and state of mind!  Not only is JR concise, professional and experienced in bookkeeping, he is knowledgeable in MANY areas of small business management and has a great network of professionals to refer out to.  Now that my information is organized, I am empowered to make important financial decisions and analyze percentages with the click of a button–not to mention my tax accounting costs have gone down greatly due to the accuracy of the reports prepared by JR.  The initial cost in getting my account set-up was far less than I expected it to be–and seeing how well JR works, I would have gladly paid twice that.  I can’t even remember what things were like before JR (plus JR works with online records so even if you lose that shoe-box, you are assured greater accuracy than paper receipts alone).

I can’t say enough about my experience with JR.  Instead of being a source for anxiety, I am proud of my clean books and delight in exploring reports on Quickbooks.  There are few things I am more excited to pay for–and few things that reap as many rewards as having a bookkeeper as skilled and knowledgeable as J.R.  True story.  Thank you!

Rebecca Jean Alonzi, Founder and CEO
Rebecca Jean Catering





I have been starting and building successful businesses since 1985.  I understand business and the importance of the bookkeeping component.  Simply put, JR is the best bookkeeper I have ever had.  His organizational skills are outstanding.  But what I admire most about JR is his character, integrity, and principles.

David Taylor, President and CEO
Rolling Umbrellas LLC

 I’ve working with J.R. for the past several years and what a difference he delivers compared to other bookkeepers!  J.R.’s strength is timely delivering of a complete set of financials that make sense and aren’t the disorganized scattered financials that I am used to getting from other bookkeepers.  J.R. does the day-to-day accounting for one of my large complex clients handling all 11 LLCs and a joint sole proprietorship.  He makes my job preparing the tax returns possible by delivering accurate and timely financial  statements.  I don’t have to go back and ask a million questions or ask where things are over and over.  J.R. is also paramount to “starting over” and getting the books on the right track.  The accounting we inherited needed to be completely revamped and set up correctly – he was able to handle this task for 11 LLCs.  Not all bookkeepers have the know-how or the will to want to make things better for the owners.  I would not hesitate to have him set up all of my clients that have poor sets of books and accounting.
Chad McArthur, CPA

Armanino McKenna LLP
12667 Alcosta Blvd., Suite 500
San Ramon, CA 94583
925-790-2600 ext. 7059

J.R. is superb!  JR and his team are professional, reliable, and fun to work with.  For a couple of years while our Accounting team was focused on infrastructure and scalability projects, we relied on J.R. and his staff to help ensure our day to day operations ran smoothly.  With his proficiency in Quickbooks and on-site services, JR ensured that our vendors were happy and bank accounts in order.  His fluency in Spanish also came in handy for managing our partners in Latin America.  J.R. came to me as a recommendation, and what a remarkable recommendation it was!

Karen Wong, Accounting Manger
Xoom Corporation

J.R.’s service and staff allows us to focus our attention on our work and not get bogged down on the important and yet time consuming details of quality bookkeeping.  Their experience and attention to detail kept us completely organized and most importantly focused on our business.  I would highly recommend Patterson Bookkeeping to any growing or established business.

Juan Zuniga,
Wealth Management Client Service Coordinator
Navitas  Ltd.

SF Digital Studio

I have worked with JR over 15 months.  JR has been reliable, professional and flexible to learn our accounting software.  JR is methodical and detail oriented.

Diana Chen
President of SF Digital Studio


I own a small business whose customers demand rapid response to issues.  I had incorrectly created an opening balance for a client and they required an invoice ASAP.  I couldn’t print them a proper invoices with an erroneous balance.  I called J.R. and within 15 minutes they resolved the problem over the phone without even looking at my file!  I was able to print and send the correct invoice that day and my client was happy.  Thank you J.R.  You’re an asset in my book.

Mike Settell, President
Sustainable Resource Solutions

Christopher’s Fine Catering

This guy is great!  Always delivers.  Always correct.  Couldn’t manage my cash without him.  He always gets back to me when I call him.  Hires the best staff.  Knows his stuff.  Been my bookkeeper for the last 10 years.  I never have to worry about my books.  Can’t say enough good things about him and his company.

Chris Costello, President and Owner
Christopher’s Fine Catering